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Early Stage

Not sure how to get started or where to go next? Let us take you to the next level

Gain Insights

Competitive Landscape

We perform a quantitative and qualitative analysis of patents in a market and technology sector to make insightful patent decisions.


Innovation Identification

We identify innovations of interest for future patent filing or filings and establish a pipeline of prioritized innovations.

Create Value

Invention Management

We bring clarity in defining each invention in detail. Our clients become articulate and work effectively with their attorneys to obtain valuable patents.

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Growth Stage

Feeling overwhelmed? Let us help reduce the mental load and create value.

1. Innovation Pipeline

Strategic Planning

We organize strategic planning sessions on a regular basis to prioritize the next innovations in light of the changing conditions.

2. New Patent Filings

Invention Management

We increase the value and relevance of each new patent filing with regular invention harvesting and tailored strategies.

3. Portfolio Management

Patent Committees

We help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their patent portfolios, and make steady progress on important issues.

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Special Projects

Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you.

Licensing Program

New Revenue Streams

We help amortize the R&D with new revenue streams derived from licensing the technology in other market verticals.

Collaborations, Open Innovation

Technology Partnerships

We assist in shaping the business terms of relationships with partners, shifting from consultancy models to licensing-based models.

Unlocking Value

Deal Closing

We help unlock the commercial value of patented technologies in fundraising, M&As and commercial transactions.

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