After years of working in the intellectual property (IP) asset management business, it became clear that technology companies must employ advanced IP management strategies early on in order to succeed. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas and vision into successful companies.



Gain Clarity

Your board keeps bringing up the question of patents, but you are not sure where and when to start? We examine what organizations hold active patents in a market or technology sector. We then analyze both qualitative factors and quantitative metrics. We provide clarity on the implications of the competitive patent landscape. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can guide your future patent decisions.

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Achieve Your Goals

We apply best practices in the field of invention and patent management to work effectively with patent lawyers, accelerate patent filings and increase the quality of patent assets. Our virtual teams can be assembled on an ad hoc basis to respond to particular time crunches, such as a product launch or a fundraising event. We also provide operational support to reduce the mental load of startup founders.


Increase Your Value

Assembling an investor deck is a daunting task. Who will prepare the “patent slide”? With years of experience in private equity and patent asset management, our team can tell in business terms how your patents contribute to your company’s value. We also work with investors to provide dedicated patent financing in-between equity financing rounds. Get in touch to learn how patents can make a difference.

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We are an office-less company with consultants in Paris, San Francisco and Palo Alto.


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